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Dearest fans and vocal music-lovers,


Amidst this ongoing and tragic pandemic, KHORIKOS has deferred the remainder of our 2019-2020 concert season.  We eagerly await a brighter public health outlook in 2021, so that we can safely sing together again and resume performing the rare, incredible music that we dearly love and deeply miss.


When we're able to resume our rehearsals, our first focus will be our 4th ORTUS New Music Competition, a celebration of new music from composers around the world that we curated and began preparing earlier this year.  Beyond ORTUS, we've been hard at work imagining and planning our coming concert seasons, even while our art remains in hibernation.


In the meantime, we released Tavener 360, our second foray into spatial audio, and an effort to provide an immersive concert experience for our audience at home.  We love this piece, and hope it brings you some of the catharsis and comfort that it has given us in these difficult days.


KHORIKOS is also continuing to think about how we can engage with you from afar.  We hope you'll stay tuned as we take careful steps toward making music again, one way or another.


We share in all of your feelings of uncertainty and fear in these times, but we also know that music has always been the remedy for us in our darkest moments. We look forward to continuing to share that light with you all again soon.





4th ORTUS International New Music Competition

KHORIKOS is pleased to announce the winners of the ORTUS International New Music Competition. We accepted submissions of works for a cappella choir from hundreds of composers around the world, which were narrowed down to 18 finalists.

Julia Adolphe - Whispers of Jasmine
Jean Ahn - You Are Lovely, but...
Thomas Bell - Sinnes Round
David Ho-yi Chan - Truth and Lie
Nicolas Chuaqui - qui confidunt in domino
Phillip Cooke - Ave Maria, mater Dei
Mark Dal Porto - I Seek Rest for My Lonely Heart
Eva Holm Foosnæs - The Black Monkey

Seth Guerra - The Question
Stephen Hartke - Audistis quia dictum est
Théo Krosi-Douté - Air du Soir
Frank Li - special relativity
Noah Max - Agnus Dei

Hilary Purrington - John Eason Stops Preaching
Shruthi Rajasekar - Gaanam

Jessie Rivest - non-dual
Keane Southard - Jesus Wept

Lili Tobias - Scissors

KHORIKOS reviewed the finalists, and voted to perform these ten pieces. The winners of the 4th ORTUS International New Music Competition are:


Julia Adolphe - Whispers of Jasmine

Thomas Bell - Sinnes Round

Nicholas Chuaqui - qui confidunt in domino

Phillip Cooke - Ave Maria, mater Dei

 Eva Holm Foosnæs - The Black Monkey
Seth Guerra - The Question
Hilary Purrington - John Eason Stops Preaching
Shruthi Rajasekar - Gaanam
Jessie Rivest - non-dual
Lili Tobias - Scissors


Congratulations to the winning composers! When the public health outlook permits, we will reschedule our planned performance of these ten pieces at our home space, the beautiful cathedral of The Shrine Church of St. Anthony of Padua, in downtown Manhattan.


While we prepare for the performance, we’ll be showcasing each winner and their music through social media.  Like us on Facebook and subscribe to our mailing list to learn more about these composers, our upcoming concert, and KHORIKOS programs to come.

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